Top Bridal Makeup Artists In Kolkata To Check Out This Wedding Season

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The holy season of weddings is upon us! It’s the most stressful day/hour in a bride’s life because she has to worry about a tonne of things in so little time. And, Bridal makeup is one of those things which has to be perfect or you can expect she’s going to kill someone.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we are here for the brides of Kolkata with a list of top bridal makeup artists in Kolkata that they must check out for their perfect bridal look.

Arpita Ganguly

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Arpita Ganguly is a well-known artist in the local circle of beauty and makeup industry. Beauty magazines and newspapers mention her for her fabulous work. Arpita has been in the makeup industry for more than eight years now and has a lot of experience in dealing with brides and pleasing them with her work.

Website: Arpita Ganguly

Ujjwal Debnath

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If you’ve been living in Kolkata for a while now and are soon turning into a bride, there’s no chance you won’t have heard about Ujjwal. He’s one of the most revered names in Kolkata for the magic he creates with brushes. The guy is generally overbooked but you must try your luck once and if you get him, you’d be the prettiest brides on your wedding day.

Website: Ujjwal Debnath

Abhijit Paul

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This young and awesome makeup artist is perfect for those brides who want a mix of modern trends and traditional Bengali looks. He has worked with various models and developed a knack for a perfect Bengali bridal look. So, if you are willing to get a little experimental with the look then Abhijit will get you there!

Contact:  Abhijit Paul

Bridgette Jones

Publicado por Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon Private Limited en Domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Bridgette Jones is a name to reckon with in Kolkata’s makeup world. She has years of experience in makeup and keeps up with the latest trends to keep her clients happy. Bridgette is also a regular name in local newspapers as well as in magazines for the beauty and makeup column.

Contact: Bridgette Jones

June Tomkyns

Publicado por June Tomkyns en Martes, 17 de octubre de 2017

June Tomkyns started her salon in 1989 and that makes her one of the oldest names in Kolkata’s makeup industry. She and her team aim to create the most beautiful version of you on your special day. With so many years of experience, she understands the client’s needs and gets them exactly what’s best for them.

Website: June Tomkyns

Abhijit Chanda

Simplicity can bring lots of elegance… …..#bridalmakeup #makeupartist #makeup #weddingmakeup #bride #mua…

Publicado por Abhijit Chanda en Lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2019

If you are a bride-to-be who’s on the lookout for a makeup artist but is unsure what kind of look you exactly want, Abhijit is your guy. Based on your skin type and features, Abhijit will suggest and convey to you the best look for your wedding day.

Contact: Abhijit Chanda

Kalpita de Sikder

Publicado por Exotića Makéup Studió & Salon main citycentre en Jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2019

Kalpita de Sikder has worked with brides for years now, helping them get the perfect look at their wedding. She loves to experiment with new trends and products and nails them every time with her clients. Kalpita is known for her exceptional work across India and has gained much reputation.

Contact: Kalpita de Sikder

Kakoli Sengupta

Wedding makeover Hair & Makeup : Kakoli Sengupta.Hair & Makeup artist / educator – Glitz & Glamour Academy.www.glitz-glamour.com9836381831

Publicado por Kakoli Sengupta hair stylist and make up artist. en Sábado, 3 de agosto de 2019

Kakoli Sengupta has spent more than two decades in the makeup industry and learning from the finest before starting her own venture. She keeps learning new trends and calmly listens to her client’s demands before getting down to work with them.

Website: Kakoli Sengupta

Don Hsiao

Don Hsiao is an international name. He is not only in demand in Kolkata and in India but also in other parts of the world. Don has also worked with a number of Bollywood celebrities, which has given him a lot of exposure. His brides have the most glamorous look at their wedding.

Contact: Don Hsiao

Sananda Bhowmik

My brides are always simpleCause i believeSimplicity is the Ultimate sophisticationLess is…

Publicado por Sananda make up artistry en Miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2019

Sananda Bhowmik is a young and budding makeup artist who works with clients wanting a natural look on their special day. She is known to give her brides a dewy and natural look. It gives off a fresh vibe to the bride and of course, she looks stunning. Sananda is among the highly sought-after bridal makeup artists in Kolkata right now.

Contact: Sananda Bhowmik

This was a list of some of the highly talented makeup artists in Kolkata a bride can look for. They have been in the industry for so long that they have each gained an individual reputation for their outstanding work and You won’t be disappointed.

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