Non-Planner’s Guide To Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially if it’s a flamboyant Indian wedding where you have to invite everyone. From your sagge chacha-chachi to your mummy ke mama ki behen ke bete ke bache,  you gotta call the whole pack, right? Then comes the selection of the location, decoration, caterer, vendors, OMG! And we are sure you’ve already freaked out just reading this much. Because let’s face it, we just have a vivid picture of how we want our wedding to be but no clue hot prepare for it.

That’s why we are here! To guide you all non-planners on how to plan your wedding the right way so you don’t freak out at the last minute. It’s your wedding, you must enjoy it and not stress over small things that could go wrong. So let’s dive in…

1. What’s important and what’s not

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Being an Indian, there are a lot of important as well as unnecessary things that get added on in a wedding. This even leads to your budget swelling like a hippo. So, sit down with your partner and make a list of things of what are the most important things you want and the least important that you can do without. Our families are very much involved in the whole wedding planning process so we obviously have to add things on and on to keep everyone happy. And there’s no way through it without offending anyone if you wanna do it your way. But in the end, it’s your day, it’s your wedding and this generation has come to realise this. Cutting unnecessary things out and fixing a budget. Do this even before fixing your wedding date!

2. Decide on your venue

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Before you go to any other vendor, fix up your venue. That’s important! Why are we focusing on this? Because wedding venues tend to book out quicker than other vendors like caterers or photographers. So fix up your wedding date at the earliest and look for your preferred wedding venue.

3. Then comes the guest list

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The most dreaded part for the couple and suggesting-any-random-name part for the family. When it comes to finalising the guest list, we Indians have the tendency to invite everyone and anyone who we have met once in our lives. Your mom’s bachpan ki saheliyan, your dad’s jigri yaar… even though you haven’t met them all, they must be at your wedding because your parents want them, right? Pretty tough part but if you want your wedding to be a private affair and celebrate only with your close people, you have to disappoint your parents a little.

4. Thoroughly stick to your list

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Stick to your list that you and your partner made at the start. Follow your instincts and gut and do not just keep on adding people to your guest list or forgetting what you initially decided were important. All these lists are your guides through the whole planning process, so you gotta show them some respect.

5. Delegate

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It’s something that we don’t need to tell you but since we are discussing everything then why not go through this once? Delegating the work to responsible people is important because you need to focus on the important things. Finding the right vendors, negotiating prices, making payments on time, checking if invites reached all the guests, decorations, etc. You cannot handle everything so you gotta delegate things to your family members or close friends. Which we do because Indian weddings are about families and friends coming together not just at the wedding but during its preparation too.

6. Who’s in charge?

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Delegating the work means taking some burden off your shoulders. But that doesn’t mean it gives the delegated person the right to decide how it should be done. Gone are the days when we had to accept everything from food to decoration to the person we’re getting married to based on the people around. But not anymore, it’s your wedding and everything from flowers to food items, everything will be final once you give the nod.

7. Be flexible

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It’s a wedding and if there’s one function where something always falls out of the plan, it’s here. We all know this and we have seen things going wrong at other people’s wedding. So it’s good to accept that something or the other will go wrong at our wedding too. And that’s why we need to calm down and not freak out when something does go wrong. Every situation can be handled well and with positive results, if you’re calm and don’t panic.

8. Take a deep breath and hang in there!

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Wedding planning is an arduous task. You’ll get stressed out, it will consume a lot of your time, your energy and of course your budget. But in the end, when you walk back down the aisle holding your partner’s hand, it’ll all be worth it. You’ll get a chance to breathe in a sigh of relief and know that you got a wonderful chance to celebrate your wedding the way you wanted to.

And now, all you have to do is embark on a new journey with your partner together.

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