Rewriting wedding trends with changing time

Indian Wedding

Rewriting Wedding rituals and trends with changing time

Weddings are the trend in itself from engagement to haldi, haldi to wedding, wedding to reception, which can never get out of style. It’s a celebration of love,  care, and togetherness. Although we have been witnessing weddings for many decades, the trends related to wedding rituals keep on changing.

Indian Wedding

Nowadays,  Couples are planning their weddings together, by making their own decisions, together they decide about what to do and how to do? They are even customizing their way of celebrations. Many couples are reliving the old culture of wedding and many are innovating something new as their wedding rituals. Some couples want their wedding to be a grand festival and some even don’t want to talk about their wedding. Many couples nowadays use to do a court marriage and don’t support big fat weddings.

Although not every wedding trend goes in favor of the bride and groom, some are also proven to fail as a wedding trend. But some of the trends became the reason for the talk of the town. So, we called on our editors and friends to talk about the top wedding pros who proves to be breath taking in past decades.

1. Normal bride entry turns into show-stealer bride entry

We are living in a world where we can’t do normal things, we should have to do something out of the box each time and the same is with brides” entry also now those days are gone when brides enter their wedding venue with a pretty soft smile.  As in the past one decade putting all these old trends aside, brides are  innovating their own style of wedding entry on their big day. While some brides are doing a rocking entry with dance, While some are seen under the phoolon ki chaadar along with their brothers, others are seen doing a bold solo entry, some giving a major breathtaking Palkis or Rath entry. In short, today the brides are not compromising with the happiness they want

bride entry

2. Choosing your partner online

Nowadays, the search for the perfect life partner is not limited to newspaper ads or through relatives. Along with changing time the ways for searching for a perfect life partner has also changed,  all thanks to technology.  Now a person can find their perfect match through matrimonial sites or dating apps without any extra effort. This trend is getting more and more popular as through this,  a person gets choices for choosing a perfect life partner.

life partner online life partner online

3. Craze for pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding is a thing which is previously only done by big families like businessmen,  Bollywood stars and many more. But nowadays after breaking one of the most important rituals of Indian weddings that a bride and groom can’t meet before marriage, pre-wedding is becoming a compulsory and most popular trend of Indian weddings.  Alone with giving memorable moments it also helps people to spend time together and to understand each other.

pre-wedding shoot pre-wedding shoot pre-wedding shoot

4. Changing bridal outfits.

Along with the development of Indian culture, the Indian bridal outfit is also developing.  During this last decade, we have witnessed many changes in Indian bridal outfits like change in color,  change in variety,  and many more. But we can’t say that these changes are not worth it as these changes in outfit have blown out the minds of people, whether we talk about Anushka Sharma’s pink lehenga, Priyanka Chopra’s long gowns tail, Aishwarya Rai golden embroidered saree.

Changing bridal outfitsChanging bridal outfits

5. Full hand to minimal hand mehndi

Mehndi hai lagnemaini hathon mein Gehri laali…….

You listen to this song at every wedding. Mehndi is considered a holy ritual in every Indian wedding without it the wedding is considered to be incomplete. In starting years bridal use to put mehndi from palm to elbow to show her love towards the groom but by changing time brides start putting less mehndi it doesn’t have a particular reason but nowadays minimal mehndi become a trend as every bride want to enjoy their wedding it don’t want to waste time while sitting and putting mehndi.

Indian wedding mehndi Indian wedding mehndi

6. wedding far from home

It can be understood that a wedding far from home means a destination wedding and this is becoming one of the most popular trends. Most of the young generation want to do a destination wedding in their dream city. It can be near mountains, near the beach or at royal palaces. Not only high profile people but even the normal or common people are showing their interest in organizing destination weddings.

destination wedding
7. Customized decoration and invitation cards
Decoration and invitation cards are the two most important things in the wedding as these two things represent your attitude towards your guests and no one wants to take any risk with these two things. But with changing time people also start customizing these things people starts experimenting with decoration by including something new and creative like some are only doing sustainable decoration and same is with invitation cards also as many couples only send a digital customized invitation in place of paper card invitation . Some are sending there designed cards to their guests and many more.

Wedding Decoration Wedding Decoration


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