Best Wedding cakes for your day

Best Wedding cakes for your day

YUMMMY, is the word that we speak out when we have a bite of wedding cakes. YES OR NO?

The best bridal outfit, venue and wedding ceremony décor isn’t all that matters. That sweet taste of wedding cakes is one aspect that a number of visitors are going to remember. And nowadays cakes have become an important part of Indian weddings. Those day of serving ladoos and gulab jamun are gone. Now, A wedding ceremony cake is a staple sight at any wedding ceremony, symbolizing the primary meal eaten as a married couple (aww).Young couples tying the knot are bucking the developments and opting to infuse their own touches in each thing in their wedding. This consists of having a marriage cake that interprets their love story, permitting visitors to rejoice the whole thing unique to the couple.

That’s Why we bought some of the best decorated cakes for you, which will give you one more reason to remember your special day.

Lets go pink

pink cake

We simply love pink – from the prettiest baby pink to dramatic hot pink and magenta. Soft and delicate in summer, heat and bright in winter, all reminder pink works well along creating it each pretty to seem at and simple to use.


Taste the texture

bride cake

Making an example along with your bride cake does not continually mean selecting a confection embellished with ultra-bright colors or voluminous floral toppers, you can also use plain textured cakes which in itself makes a statement.

Half dressed with full emotions

butter cream

The saying that , “It’s what is on the inside that counts,” actually applies to the naked cake trend. No, you do not need to blush at the sound of this dessert—this is one facet of your day wherever it’s very acceptable to be within the buff. Rather than icing the skin of the cake with layer upon layer of candy or buttercream, several bakers are increasing the filling between layers and going away cakes utterly or semi-exposed for a recent (and delicious) look.

Cupcakes can makes a cake

Cup cakes

Why always layered? A bunch of cupcakes can also make a beautiful wedding cake. Rather than layering the cake, a bride and groom can also choose layers of different flavored cupcakes according to their own choices.

Black is not always negative

Black cake

Dark black wedding cakes do not perpetually have to be compelled to be moody and brooding. They can add a small amount of edge to the occasion whilst still maintaining a classic form or style. Plus, they are even as abundant of a blank canvas as white or the other lightweight color. Edible silver foil, lifelike sugar flowers, and gum paste appliqués all will pop against the dark background. take into account a matte end or rough-textured exterior for a good larger impact.

Single tear but enough

Single tear cake

If you are looking for a novel different to the standard multi-tiered cake, take into account serving many smaller, one-tier cakes. Not solely are you able to supply guests a lot of cake and filling flavors (yum), however choosing single tiers will also be pocket friendly. If you’re troubled that smaller cakes won’t create the maximum of an impression as a bigger, multi-tiered confection, Then don’t worry because one-tier cakes is while appropriate and eye catching. In fact, those desserts are paintings as standalone objects of art.

Disney cake for king and queen

Disney cake

Is anyone here a disney fan? Then these castle looking cakes are perfect for your wedding. Apart from the castle there are many more disney inspired cakes which makes your post wedding celebration more happening just imagine the time when you enter your reception and see a grand castle cake waiting for you.


Bloom with flower cake

flower cake

flowers are recognized to convey their innermost love and feelings in an awesome manner. For those who need to deal with their important ones in a fantastic manner, this Yummy Colorful Flower Cake is a real delight. These flower cakes are not only attractive but while eating you will feel the amazing taste of flavours.


Fruits are always good

Fruit Cakes

Fruit Cake decorated with that sparkling drip and glowing sparkling berries not only eye-catching for my eyes. Amazingly palatable to my flavor buds too.

And not only tasty, these cakes are healthy too, so just go for it.


Simple and beautiful

Simple and beautiful Cakes

We’re involved in a statement-making cake, however understated desserts can move an extended way. Enter: the easy wedding ceremony cake. Lightly decorated and regularly wrapped in white buttercream. Easy wedding ceremony desserts have a tendency to fashion more conventional than anything. But you could nevertheless maintain matters minimal at the same time as spicing up tradition. Simple wedding cake are ideal for an informal, intimate wedding ceremony. However additionally if you’re couple who prefers a minimalist appearance or undying touch. Besides the stylish simplicity of those desserts, there’s some other bonus: the much less fuss, the decrease the cost (typically).

Why not 24 karat gold

24 karat gold cake

Golden wedding cakes are none less than large jewelry piece. They grab the attention of each one present in the wedding. It will smoothly go with the theme of bride and groom outfits.  These golden cakes can be of any size any texture. Just one thing that remain same ISthe elegance of the golden color,

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