Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings Worn By Our Brides

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings

Trends have shifted over time. Brides nowadays prefer to wear Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings. Pastels are likely to be some of the most dreamy and romantic colors to be used in a wedding ceremony. Designers and brides alike are eager to experiment with pastel colors, adding unique styles to various wedding functions. There is no occasion where brides cannot wear pastel bridal outfits, whether it is a mehndi, sangeet, phera, or reception.

Pastel-colored bridal gowns are undeniably fashionable in the bridal fashion industry. They make us fall in love with bridal fashion wear all over again, showcasing a bride who is both regal and stunning. Pastel colors allow brides to dress in muted elegance that can be paired with either heavy or minimal jewelry while still exuding a bright, optimistic, and carefree vibe. Every second outfit we’ve seen this year has made a statement, whether it’s an unconventional look or one that pays homage to their traditions, or a combination of the two.

A declaration that demonstrated an unapologetic reflection of a bride’s aesthetics and personality. It only adds to our excitement when we see such lovely pastel bridal gowns at ceremonies of fashion-forward Indian women ready to shake off the shy bride’ image with their charming and exceptional selves.

Brides Can Now Wear Pastel Colors on Their Wedding Day!


When we hear the term pastel bride, we immediately think of a bride dressed in a pink or ivory lehenga. While there is nothing wrong with that, we personally adore pink lehengas in all hues, especially light ones, so here’s something for a bride who wants to go the unconventional route. If you want to be a pastel bride but don’t want to wear the usual popular hues, here are some new bride colors we spotted that look absolutely lovely and are totally on trend for a 2021 bride!


Here are some of the most stunning Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings  we saw on real brides.


1. Blushed Pinks

This has been one of the most popular and favorite colors for brides since Anushka Sharma swayed down to her mandap and into our hearts in her pale pink Sabyasachi lehenga. Pastel pinks come in so many hues, adorned with silver and gold embroidery, that it’s hard not to swoon over these real brides who pull off the perfect pastel pinks on their wedding days!

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings: Blushed Pinks


2. Dreamy Powder Blues

Powder blue, an alluring pastel color, is possibly the second most popular color for bridal outfits this season. Powder blue outfits are popular among brides for their wedding ceremonies, especially when paired with a beautiful pale pink shade or worn in monochrome. And you’d agree in one look after seeing these exquisite and trendy pastel bridal outfits.

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings: Dreamy Powder Blues


3. Pastel green

Pastel green, a magnificent and trendsetting color that ensures all eyes are on the bride, is a clear winner for bridal fashion this season. It is a color that intricately blends fashion and tradition into a single outfit, exemplifying the bride’s true glow on her wedding day. Check out these stunning brides in pastel bridal gowns who pull off some of the most elegant greens.

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings: Pastel green


4. Antique Whites

For years, off white bridal gowns have dominated fashion runways. These classic ensembles have an austere beauty that complements brides with all skin tones, from pale to deep brown. These colors are never overpowering, but they make the bride stand out with a head-to-toe glamorous allure. Check out these beautiful brides in these popular pastel bridal ensembles that have us smitten!

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings: Antique Whites

5. Whimsical Peaches

Pastel-hued peaches, rich in feminine charm, are ideal outfits for the tender and affectionate bride. Pastel peach outfits are not only the best colors for a day wedding, but they would also brighten up a night ceremony with their refreshing vibe. Check out these strikingly beautiful brides who have worn a pastel peach outfit in the most understated way possible!

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings: Whimsical Peaches

6. Delicate Lavenders

A pastel lavender bridal gown exudes gentle, graceful, and elegant qualities. While this color has been making headlines since 2018, it has proven to be more chic and fashionable than ever this year. Lavender is a refreshing shade with a breathtaking vibe that makes every pastel bridal outfit look spectacular. It has been seen in some of the most ‘in-vogue’ ensembles.

Pastel Colors For Destination Weddings: Delicate Lavenders


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8. Dainty Salmon Pink

We’re in love with Real Bride Ayukta’s dainty salmon pink lehenga embellished with Swakovski crystals—such a pretty new shade if you don’t want to do the usual pinks or peaches.

Dainty Salmon Pink


9. Dusty Blue

Isn’t that a stunningly beautiful shade for a bride to wear on her wedding day? Dusty blue is the cool new bride color, and it’s ideal for a sultry summer wedding if you’re planning one. We like it for almost any occasion, but it has a special appeal for the big day, especially if it is a day wedding.

Dusty Blue


10. Tea Green

Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor designed Real Bride Girl’s lehenga, which was a mix of pastel colors on an ivory base, and we love the subtle shade of green on her dupatta – something like a light mint, which we learned is called tea green. Such a lovely new color for a daring bride!

Tea Green


11. Light Green

This Harkiran Basra Chikankari lehenga is in a lovely shade of light green—pistachio green—that is subtle and dainty for a bridal lehenga. We love how this color stands out even in monotone, which is something we can’t say for many other colors.

light green


12. Ash Brown

This one may or may not qualify as a pastel, but we think it does and stands out beautifully as a bridal hue. Love the warmth of the color, and how this is another shade that looks stunning in monotone and makes the work on it stand out so beautifully.

Ash Brown



Wedding shopping for your big day is a difficult task, especially when it comes to selecting your bridal lehenga. Many women have told me, “Can I wear anything but red?” Trendy fashion statements have come to the rescue. What you should look for are pastel colors. These colors not only break away from traditional wedding attire, but also give the event a whole new feel. The reflection of these colors in the wedding hall made one feel the presence of Cupid. It adds to the romantic atmosphere. 2018 has been revolutionary, and it is difficult to deny that it has resembled a golden age of fashion. Pastel lehengas are considered “evergreens”! Brides all over the country have sported the color in the best ways possible, and Bollywood divas never fail to impress!


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