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Peppynite is a one-stop destination for all your places from Banquets to Vendors to Destination places. A place where you get all you desire in just a single click. Creating the best venues, multiple decorations, great destinations, and more makes your perfect days into more beautiful ones. An online portal that shares you with multiple selective choices and plenty of packages that expands your emotions into a better reality.

Days of booking a small banquet hall and arranging your marriage are long gone. This is the time for destination weddings. While the trend has been going on for a while now, Bollywood celebrities in 2018 have given this spark a high dose of fuel to turn it into a raging fire. You know what we’re talking about: Be it Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ royal wedding at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace or Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s intimate one beside Italy’s Lake Camo or Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani –Shloka Mehta’s pre-wedding in Switzerland. All these have given destination wedding goals to all the couples across the country that is planning their wedding.

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Destination weddings offer something that is missing in a marriage that you have in your hometown. While normal marriage needs you to call every possible person you know to seek their blessings and feed them good, destination weddings are more private where you are only surrounded by your close friends and family members. It’s a more personal affair.

Above that, the destination wedding gives you an opportunity to have a wedding in a romantic location without spending a fortune. Every wedding detail can be arranged at the location according to your personal preference and taste. And after you’ve had the wedding function, you and your guests can enjoy meals and outings around the location.

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So, where can you have your destination wedding? Any place you like outside your home town. It can be on a beach, overlooking the blue sea or on a hilltop, with beautiful mountains surrounding you. Your destination wedding can be as cool and casual as you like.

Now that we have got you hyped and excited for a destination wedding, how can you have one and plan for it and where? Worry not our dear love birds we’ve got you covered on that too! Peppynite is here with amazing destination wedding packages at exotic locations across India where you can have a wedding of your dreams with close friends and family.

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Peppnynite is an online portal for clients to search and look for the best venues for their upcoming events, be it a wedding, engagement party, reception party, other family functions or corporate events. Along with these, we also have a number of vendors which specialize in things related to these functions. Vendors like decorators, caterers, wedding photographers, event planners, designers, make-up artists, etc, are all listed here. After creating a long list in all the respective fields, Peppynite now has a list of destination wedding packages that cater to your needs of a dream wedding.

Some of the places that Peppynite is offering destination wedding packages in are Goa, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Shimla and many more.

Goa– It’s the land of the beach, brew and party. Destination wedding resort in Goa gives you all of this in your dream wedding. With the party going on all year round, while its beaches offer a spectacular view, Goa is the ideal place for the perfect wedding destination.

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Jaipur– The “Pink City” is royalty at its best. With beautiful and grand palaces, gardens and courtyards all across the city, you cannot help but feel royal yourself. It becomes the perfect wedding destination to be royal and centre of all the attention on your D-day.

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Jaisalmer– Under the watchful impression of Jaisalmer Fort sits “the golden city”. The sprawling city will bring alive the soul inside you with its sheer vibrancy and colours. The energy that runs through the veins of this city is something that captures everyone on their path. Now imagine your wedding resort in Jaisalmer under the Jaisalmer Fort. A perfect destination for your fun and 100V energy-filled wedding!

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Udaipur– The city of lakes has something for everyone. Be it the view from the shores of one of its many lakes or the calm insides of its beautiful palaces, Udaipur has it all. This makes Udaipur a perfect place for your dream destination wedding. What else would you want from a marriage palace in Udaipur?

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Shimla– A beautiful city on the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Its picturesque view, British architecture and cool respite from the hot temperatures from the rest of the world draw everyone in. Pair this with amazing wedding venues in Shimla, you have a dream wedding location. Certainly a great choice for your destination wedding in the hills!

All these places have amazing hotels and venues listed under them. These offer the best prices for your function along with superb service and amenities satisfying each of your requirements. The package rates have been described next to them and details of each venue and hotel are provided alongside. You can go through the list, select the venue that meets your requirements and contact them. Simple and effective steps, aren’t they?

What’s more to offer? There is a complete list of vendors like designers, wedding planners, etc, which means you will be done with the wedding planning in a matter of hours. This leaves you with ample energy to enjoy and have fun with your partner and family.

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A wedding in India is no less than a festival. It brings together close family members and dear friends to come and enjoy. A wedding celebrates the coming together of not just two souls but also two families from two very different aspects of society. Make sure you turn every stone for your dream celebration.

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