Rajasthan Inspired Wedding Decor Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas

Since childhood, we hear stories of kings and queens, princes and princesses, and their everlasting love. So when we decide to get married, all these affect decisions about how we get married.

The rich culture and vibrant colors of Rajasthan can enhance the look of your wedding. From a ghoomar-themed sangeet to a holi-themed haldi, or a really opulent wedding and reception, Rajasthan is a top choice for wedding planning services and Luxury Wedding Planners in India!

Rajasthan is a popular destination for weddings, and themes around the state are also very popular in wedding functions. This is because of the opulence and grandeur of the desert state.

When planning a theme wedding inspired by Rajasthan, ideas that inspire Wedding Planners in India  come from many sources. Luxury, bold colors, and rustic vibes – these are the key elements that help. The ideas should aesthetically evoke the art & culture of Rajasthan.


A wedding inspired by Rajasthan has many elements. Doing the Wedding Decor for a Rajasthan-themed wedding is not so easy. There is a risk of repetition involved.

But the effort is worth it if you like Indian culture and all things ethnic! That is also where the skills of Wedding Planner Services are tested.

Lavish, elegant Wedding Decor is the hallmark of any Rajasthan themed wedding. Color has a big role in any  celebration. Royal elements are best suited to the wedding ceremony and reception.

Here are some themes inspired by Rajasthan for your wedding decor.

1. Street Scene

If you have been to the markets of Jaipur or Jodhpur, you are be familiar with the vibe. Recreate those streets for your wedding.

String fairy-lights and colorful buntings across ceilings. Canopies that imitate street stalls can seat the bride and groom and the guests. Create a festive environment!

Street Scene: wedding decor

Add elements:

A refreshing beverage stall, food cart, popsicle (chuski) stall, jalebi stall, stalls for some traditional handcraft items help get the full feel of a typical street bazaar in Rajasthan.

This kind of idea works very well for a henna or haldi function during the day. The mehndi and the bangle seller in separate stalls also makes the décor functional.

2. Royal Palace

If you have a budget set aside for the wedding decor, recreating a Royal Palace is a great idea. This works very well for the main wedding event, or for cocktails or reception. This theme is perfect for an indoor location – such as a ballroom or banquet hall for wedding.

Royal Palace: wedding decor

Add elements:

The idea is to visually and structurally divide the area into more than one spaces. Aim to pamper the guests with visual and sensory elements that remind them of Rajasthan. Think golden camel or elephant statues, a carriage, grand fountains etc.

The entrance to the venue could be decorated like a royal courtyard. Foliage around the area could have a few bird sculptures or peacock feathers scattered around. A fountain could become a focal point for photo ops too.

3. Colorful Kitsch

Rajasthan is known for bright and vibrant colors. Whatever the venue org ceremony, traditional props will add quirky elements to the décor.

Colorful Kitsch: wedding decor

Add elements:

A cycle or rickshaw decorated with marigolds, a canopy made with tie and dye scarves, glass-bangles threaded together could become engaging props. They will also add that burst of color to your wedding photos.

Bright hues, quirky photo frames, colorful upholstered stools and flowers also bring freshness to any indoor event.

4. For the love of flowers

The fondness that queens of Rajasthan had for fresh flowers is well known. If you want the fresh fragrance of flowers wafting through your wedding functions, just go ahead and use them!

love of flowers: wedding decor

Add elements:

Whether it is strings of marigolds, or a carpet of rose petals, or tuberoses as table décor – pamper your guests in a royal way!

One flower which instantly brightens up the whole décor is marigold. Hang them as strings or use them in rangoli. Use old umbrella frames to cover them with marigolds. These make excellent photo props and always add an oomph factor.

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5. Holi-theme 

The festival of colors can be an amazing theme to center your haldi function around! Use folksy elements in the décor with low floor seating. Tie & dye drapes, large earthen pots, clay wind chimes, wooden figurines, traditional puppets and the bright color of haldi are sure to make it a stunning celebration.


Add elements:

Color bombs and flower petals can be showered on the guests too.

6. Banjara style 

If you are a lover of Rajasthani folk, then a banjara theme wedding decor is a great idea. Use mirror work murals to decorate the venue of the celebration. Use lots of colors in the form of beads and drapes. Cushions can have embroidery or mirror work on them.

Banjara style

Add elements:

You can also use focal décor items that have a vintage inspired look. These work very well as photo props as well. Get in folk performers and dancers that will entertain your guests for added effect.

Get in fortune tellers, astrology corner, hair braider, live bangle counter, pot maker, turban tiers etc. in the ceremony to complete the banjara theme.

The banjara theme is idea for informal celebrations such as mehndi, haldi or even sangeet.

7. Mela theme

A mela is always a riot! This theme will add a riot of color to any wedding festivity. If you find the Best Wedding Photographers in India, they will be able to capture all the fun beautifully.

The best wedding decorators know how to vividly decorate a venue with drapes, tassels, kites, dream-catchers, puppets and pompom hangings. A zesty vibe is the driving idea.

Mela theme

Add elements:

Because a firki or pin wheel is very common in a fair. Use these in different sizes to create a backdrop, bunch a few of them up and put in a clay pot to use as center-piece for tables.

Also, no mela is complete without a few game stalls. Try to get in a balloon-shooting stall, ring stall etc. at your mela-themed function. It will also keep the young ones occupied, and make the adults happy!

If you are short on space, or have banquet hall interior as a venue, use only some elements of a village fair. Bright colorful board designs can become backdrops, hang teapots, earthenware pots, lanterns, kites, puppets etc. to make the mela-themed ceremony an affair to remember!


As you may have noticed, a lot of the above ideas are very detail-oriented. Rather than tiring yourself out before your wedding functions, hire wedding planner services to execute these ideas.

At Peppynite we have listed the Best Wedding Planner Services in India to make it easy for you. These professional wedding planners will turn your dreams to reality.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy!


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