Best Mehndi Ideas For a Classy Nikkah

Best Mehndi Ideas

It’s the season of love, bride, and mehndi. Are you becoming one?

The classic appearance of love and beauty in every mehndi is the detailed way to present its beauty. Mehndi not only makes you happiest but elevates your self-love for it. Your love for mehndi is impeccable, beautiful, and prettier once you are becoming a bride. If you are a mehndi lover it’s the season of weddings and this blog is for you. Well, you know that mehndi is signified by every tradition, and religion showing its importance in Indian culture. The bride’s mehndi is the purest and the happiness it gives you at your wedding is beyond.

Because mehndi signifies in every religion, we are talking about Muslims, yes mehndi is the major part for them. A Muslim wedding is said to be most pious and pure when there is mehndi in the bride’s hands. A sunnah (habitual practice) in their culture gives very much importance to their religion. Mehndi for them is the symbol of beauty and happiness. If you are into Muslim culture you must be knowing that this goes on for years in their religion. Mehndi is pure and gives great importance to weddings because it’s a peaceful and happy symbol for them. The biggest messenger of Islam Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) daughter Fatima (R.A) used to paint her hands with mehndi and she loved it very much. The importance of mehndi in Islam is because of this and is an important symbol at weddings because weddings in Islam are the purest thing.

Now you know the great significance of mehndi in Islamic culture, that’s why we are sharing some of the Best Mehndi Ideas for a classy Nikkah.

If you are looking for Top Mehndi Artist in India that gives classic mehndi designs this Nikkah then you can have them. We are providing you these best mehndi designs that gives you amazing looks at wedding. Simple, unique designs that are mostly preferred by Muslim culture. Go through these beautiful mehndi designs and slay at your wedding with perfect and beauty.

Arabic Mehndi Design:


Arabic Mehndi Design

Considered to be as the simplest but unique style of mehndi that is very much into fashion. This mehndi design is specially from Middle East. If you are wanting to have an amazing mehndi designs for your hands then this could be the right one for you. Make weddings memorable with this beautiful mehndi design. This mehndi designs have curved patters with flowers on it. So if you are looking for classy mehndi ideas than this one is for you.

Tails and Twists:

Tails and Twists

Not everyone loves too heavy designs on their hands, that’s why if you are one such person tails are the perfect answer. Mehndi is not just a typical style of a presentation but it’s far more than that. When it comes to applying mehndi it could get very confusing because there are thousands of styles you just can’t get over. One such is the tail design, these are simple designs with long lines that consists of some flowers, leaves, or innovative designs with circles and patterns on the lines drawn with perfection. This is the most minimalistic design that is loved by all women on the their Nikkah.

Floral Mehndi Designs:

Floral Mehndi Designs

No such arguments when it comes to florals mehndi designs. Yes, the floral mehndi design is one of the most loved designs. It signifies beauty on your hands. Floral designs can be simplest as well as elegant and complex too. These designs are very much into consideration nowadays because they are super trendy and with unique style statements. If you are looking for no such
fancy yet beautiful designs for your wedding then this can be your ideal pickup. And every Best Wedding Mehndi Artists in India could easily do these designs as needful and you can glorify at your Nikkah.


Mandalas Mehndi Designs

Because Circles are obsessions. Nowadays the obsession with circles have been crazy for women. Because these designs have some kind of attractiveness in them which grabs the total attention. This design is famous for palms on both the sides. It makes it look super unique and creative because it’s designs are simple and can go with every attire or occasion. A top mehndi design for you with which you can express your hands magnificently. Muslim brides usually prefer these mandalas for their wedding because they look beautiful inside out both the hands.

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Blocks and braids

Blocks and braids

Well you can understand clearly with the name it suggests. Blocks and braids on hands have been quite trending nowadays. It is famous for covering up mehndi with lines that creates blocks on your hands. This design is easiest, simplest and could be carried on any occasion. A perfect style for your perfect day that can make hands sophisticated and beautiful at the same time. It has modern features that makes it go along with the traditional classic look on your hands. And is most styled or preferred ones at Muslim Weddings. So if you are looking for a top mehndi artist who can make your hands flaunt with the best mehndi at your wedding, this one is a must to go for.

We have shared these classic and beautiful Best Mehndi Ideas/designs for your Nikkah. Take ideas from these and find that one Best Wedding Mehndi Artist who can make your hands flaunt on your wedding.

Weddings are gift from heaven make it count with beauty and brightness in your lives. Get dominated with such beautiful mehndi designs that no eyes go anywhere. A bride is considered to be the center of attraction and if you are not letting your hands go beautiful at your wedding nothing could go far. We have made a list of these mehndi designs for your Nikkah. Making your wedding easier is what we wish for.

Read it and go with many such, apart from the ones listed above there are many mehndi designs on our website for more, visit website Peppynite and get inspired with wedding trends everyday.

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