The Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

Dear Couple, get captivated by the most loved Honeymoon Destinations in India, we’ve selected for you…..

Taking time for yourself after your wedding is the most arousing thing to do. Wedding preparations make you super anxious and worried at the same time. That’s why it gets cozy to plan time for yourself. It’s difficult to understand how to make plans in such a rush during your wedding. It may be rather annoying to sit and pen down your Honeymoon Destinations in India. Choosing a location, weather, number of days, and budget is not easy for the couple because your wedding always makes no time for you to think. So that’s why we have made planning easier for you by getting you the Best Honeymoon Destinations in India. 

Don’t worry we have sorted something for you and get you the Best Destinations Weddings in India that will not just calm your inner peace but will make your heart pound. A perfect destination can make you two flaunt yourself with the gorgeous environment and perfect holiday destination.  

India is a land of versatile destinations and mind-blowing locations that could make your vacay appealing,  pleasing, and alluring. We have selected some of the best destinations for your Honeymoon.

Believe me!!!! Wow!!!! Will be the first word that will strike your mind. When you’ll check this list for your Honeymoon Destinations in India. 

 Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Honeymoon Destinations in India

Finding the most trending Honeymoon Destinations is here in India. Andaman and Nicobar are known for their amazing serenity and tranquility all around. The ever-so-stunning beaches that embark peace and calmness all around. One of the top destinations to visit during your Honeymoon. The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is between October to May. The weather is beautiful and constant during these months like no rainfall, no sunlight, it keeps calm and composed during this time. Every couple will wish their holiday never ends. 

Manali – Honeymoon Destinations in India

The heaven for backpackers, travelers, and Honeymooners. One of the most romantic destinations is just like its mountains, snow, and peaceful environment. It is the most attractive destination to travel around the whole year. It needs no time to visit, no extra plans. The superb mountain views or the hippy villages are the perfect sittings for the couple to have romantic dates. So don’t look anywhere else before making your bookings because this destination will be the most adventurous for you two. 

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Goa – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

What makes you think whenever you listen to the word Goa. Serene beaches, sunsets, and parties. One of the most idealistic destinations for the couple to have the most amazing Honeymoon. It is the most loved place by younger generations and couples because of its sunrise, chirpy brunches, and vibrant nightlife. If you are planning to have your Honeymoon vacation the best time to visit Goa is October to February. Think no further in planning your dream holiday destination and enjoy the best time with your loved one.

Srinagar – Honeymoon Destinations in India

When it comes to Kashmir the first thing that comes to mind is the “heaven on earth.” That’s why if you are planning your Honeymoon in Srinagar it will be the most romantic and delightful place you’ll ever select. The weather is beautifully constant and glorious during these months, April to September. Without any doubt one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in India. Kashmir is the timeless beauty for timeless couples.

Alleppey – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

The watery world of Kerala with its dotted villages and beautiful water houseboats is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the must-go places with your partner. The beauty of Alleppey is super alluring when it comes to sharing moments with your partner in that peaceful climate and setup. It’s the perfect Indian Venice to witness the real beauty of its backwater. This amorous location is best to visit in months from October to February. So if your wedding is close to these times, then browse no further in booking this ideal location. 

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Udaipur -Honeymoon Destinations in India

Listed in the 6th position on our list, Udaipur Rajasthan in India is considered to be the perfect choice for Honeymoon Destination. The city is known prominently as the “City of Lakes.” If you are looking for an exotic vacation with your partner then have no further discussion in choosing the location. Let this royal exquisite location make your Honeymoon destination a lifetime experience. Give your eyes a delight by watching the most beautiful palaces and Mughal artworks. If you want to make your trip memorable and fun then October to March is the perfect time for you.

McLeod Ganj – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

The café town, with its delight in every night. One of the most lovey-dovey and couple-friendly places in Himachal Pradesh, India. McLeod Ganj and Himachal go hand in hand. When you think of the coldest, mildest, and most passionate locations then this is the ideal place for you. This quaint settlement in lower Dharamshala is McLeod Ganj. Escape yourself with your partner in the perfect hills and daunting mountains that will make you alive once again. The best times to visit Dharamshala is from October to June, the perfect snow sittings for the perfect couple. 

Darjeeling – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Darjeeling strikes your mind with flavorful tea. But one thing you are not aware of is its beautiful locations for Honeymoon. As it’s the most ideal vacay that will make your Honeymoon lovely and lively. The most breathtaking view of the surprise of the sunset over the horizon of Tiger Hills. Darjeeling is considered to be the most beautiful hill station in India. It could be your magical destination when you visit Darjeeling from September to April. 

Agra – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

Is there any better way to immortalize your love in the most inferior place as it’s the symbol of eternal love, The Taj Mahal. Yes, the most famous monument of love depicts the beautiful Mughal enclaves and architectural sites. Give your Honeymoon that royal touch of feel. It is undeniably one of the most romantic getaways in India. Visit the monument between October to February. And witness the most extravagant story of love with your loved one. 

Sikkim – Honeymoon Destinations in India 

The state of the Northeast, Sikkim is known for its encircles of peace and calmness. Experience the breathtaking sunsets and sunrise over the horizons of Khangchendzonga with your partner. You just can’t miss Sikkim when planning your Honeymoon destination. The most amazing Himalayan Ranges and lakes make you go no further. Just don’t miss any chance if Sikkim is on your list. Go visit Sikkim any time in the year and have the most amazing memories with your partner. 

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Shimla – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

Stimulate your marriage by choosing the most loved destination, with delight in every view, enjoy the feastful love everywhere in Shimla. Shimla is the most visited destination in India not just for couples, and youngsters but for families too. Don’t think too much about planning your vacation. The intense forest and the most amazing churches are just candy to your eyes. You can just pack your bag and leave for Shimla anytime in the year. 

Ooty – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Vast landscapes, green scanty areas all around, Nilgiri Hills that make you crave more and more. The most pleasant climate all around the year, makes you feel the most loved. Cuddle in each other’s arms and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the view with your partner. Book your Honeymoon and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Ooty, Known as one of the most beautiful places in India. 

Mussoorie – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

If there’s anywhere passion and romance then this is the place for you. Enjoy the most romantic scents in its hills and dotty villages. It is one of the most famous places, also loved by everyone’s favorite author ‘Ruskin Bond.’ The leisurely strolls, beautiful coffee shops, book stores near top hills, unwind love with your soulmate. One of the most romantic places in India that can be visited from October to June. So if you are getting married nearby this could be your ideal place to visit. 

Shillong – Honeymoon Destinations in India

The city known as the “Scotland of East.” The scenery views all around and it’s a colonial-era charm, with hilly roads, and scanty waterfalls. Makes it full of alluring and adventuring. Book your tickets anytime in the year and enjoy the hideouts in the most illuminating ways with your partner. Buckle up and have the most relishing views of this beautiful place. 

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Nainital – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

For ages, Nainital has been the most exciting place in India. The most budget-friendly place where you can easily travel and afford. A perfect destination for couples that are fully cornered with exotics feels and vibes. During the peak season, the town is packed with Honeymooners and families. October to April is the perfect time for your visit. Make reservations during these times and enjoy with your soulmate. 

Pondicherry – Honeymoon Destinations in India

Kindle up yourself by packing bags to the “Little Paris” of India. Pondy is a faded colonial villa with a hint of bohemian-chic. A relaxed, bold, and unconventional place with great style houses, clothing, and architecture. A perfect location for your dream honeymoon destination.  Artistry and spirituality are the significance of this location. Great markets, amazing ocean views, resorts, and spas make your Honeymoon a perfect holiday. The best time to visit Pondy is between October to March. 

We wish that you’ve got great ideas for these top cities that are ideal Honeymoon Destinations in India. We have listed for you the perfect destinations that can make your Honeymoon chill, relaxed and fun. India is a land of great diversity, so you don’t need to think twice about planning your Honeymoon somewhere outside India. The picture-perfect locations make it on the go.

Plan your Honeymoon and experience a magical, enchanted fragrance within you with your partner with memories that never last.

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