Top 20 Wedding Photographers in India

wedding photographers in India

Best people need best wedding services in India. So, we are making sure that you get all the Best Wedding Services in India. A land of diversity that has great cultural significance and importance when it comes to weddings. And preparing one isn’t an easy task. When it comes to wedding events you need everything. Everything that makes super easier and convenient for you specially when there is guide. That’s why we bring to you a blog Grooms and Brides that will help you make event little easier. Sharing some of these Top 20 Wedding Photographers in India, that will help you a lot.

It’s time for couple to rule the wedding season with perfect images for the vibe. Peppynite has been providing many wedding related services, that helps you make event super easy, yet simple. Because it’s not easy to plan out weddings, we help you with blogs that makes everything easy. Celebrate your beauty by capturing every magnificent detail in beautiful frames, with the best photographers near you. We’ll be helping you find that one that you want, in top cities of India. Elaborating beauty with every marvellous picture perfect image.

Well, let’s make this season count with perfect images, here’s Top 20 Wedding Photographers in India, to capture your moments perfectly.

wedding photographers in India

Because you are our first priority. At Peppynite we make sure that all our clients get the best services. If you are wanting to make event specials this is the time for you. Be glamorous, be bold and be perfect with great photography. These photographers that we are sharing you are known for being the b best. So, if you are looking for Pre Wedding Photographers or Wedding Photographers then this is the right time for you. Be enlightening and beautiful this wedding season.

When it comes to wedding season it becomes very necessary for both the couple to look they’re best. That’s why a guide prior wedding months is super helpful to make wedding event count. Planning weddings successful is a major one to deal with that’s why here for you. Get services by booking and also by the blogs that will help you out. Here’s one for you and we’ll be really happy if it makes your stress go away.

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Best Wedding photographer in Delhi:

  • Affinity Weddings: Weddings being most affectionate part in creating memories. If you are want to see that perfect pictures in your wedding Affinity Weddings has some of the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi. So, if you are looking for authentic, emotional and natural wedding photos and movies, don’t miss considering them. They are the best.

wedding photographers in India

  • The Wedding Palette: Led by one of the most versatile photographers in Delhi. He is Puneet Batra, the most professional photographer and cinematographer. Working more than 6 years he has worked tremendously amazing in creating the best images of beautiful couple. He is also known for being the Best Candid Photographer in Delhi. So, you can have the best photography from him.

Best Wedding photographer in MUMBAI:

  • Punit Desai: The master class photographer that knows how to make every image into a perfect reality. Known for being the perfectionist in photography. Because he is an international based photographer he knows how to capture the couple into best way possible. One of the Best Pre Wedding Photographers in Mumbai. So, if you are looking for pre wedding shoots then he is the right choice for you.

wedding photographers in India

  • Mohamed Jameer: Jameer being one of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai. If you are wanting to have the perfect wedding season than this is the time for you. Begin memories with the perfect photographer and have a blast at your wedding.

Best Wedding photographer in CHANDIGARH:

  • Deepika’s Deep Clicks: Deepika’s Deep Click is a famous Celebrity Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh. She is super passionate and dedicated in working. She has worked with many celebrities and have captured the most beautiful photographs. She has also worked with Bollywood’s prominent personalities like Bohemia, Neha Kakkar, Baadshah, Sonam Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, and to name a few.

wedding photographers in India

  • Sunny Dhiman Photography: Sunny Dhiman Photography is a professional Wedding Photographer and has experienced members in his team. They capture the best wedding images, emotions and perfection in every picture. If you are in Chandigarh and want a perfect photographer than he is the one for you.

Best Wedding photographer in LUCKNOW:

  • Absolute Wedding Studio: Wedding photography is the best way to make it look adorable. If you are wanting to have that perfect makeup than this is the time for you. Look the best way possible with the perfect photographer. They are working for more than 10 years, so book the best photographer in Lucknow. Make events perfect with them.

wedding photographers in India

  • Harsh Photography: Harsh Photography is the best wedding photographer in Lucknow. If you are looking for Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow then he is the best. Get the photography of your dreams. If you are in Lucknow and looking for photography then this is the time for you. Book him now.

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Best Wedding photographer in JAIPUR:

  • Studio Renee: The word Renee means to renew or reborn. He is known for being the Top Wedding Photographer in India. Look for the best because you are best and this photographer knows how to capture magnificently. Begin your photography with him as he is the best wedding photographer in town. So, if you are wanting to be capture by them, you should go for it.

Photographer in JAIPUR

  • Royal Rajwada Photography: A team of dedicated professionals who are working with great efforts in making your event beautiful. Since, you are in Jaipur, everything traditional matters and these photographers know the best. Book yourself an amazing photographer because they know how to capture everything perfectly.

Best Wedding photographer in BANGALORE:

  • Ajay Menon Photography: Known for being with an exceptional talent. If you want to get yourself an amazing photography than this is the time for you. Have something unique and enjoy the best wedding photographs with the most talented Wedding Photographer in Bangalore. Begin life’s precious moments with the most versatile photographer.

Photographer in BANGALORE

  • Breaking Sounds: Working for more than 4 years, this wedding photographer is the top class photographer who is known for being an expert in his photography. Count on having something extraordinary photography and get captured for making your photography beautiful.

Best Wedding photographer in INDORE:

  • Deepak Das Photography: Photography is the art of creating perfection and he loves to do that. If you are in Indore and looking for that Pre Wedding Photographer and a wedding photographer then he is the perfect one for you. He is on our top list of being a marvelous photographer. So, go for him without any doubt go with them.

Photographer in INDORE

  • Story Buckets: Working for more than 5 years he is an excellent photographer and has a team that is fully dedicated and amazing. If you want to have that out class wedding photography than this is the right time for you. Begin the best moments by clicking on best photographer near me and you will find him on our list.

Best Wedding photographer in HYDERABAD:

  • Krishnam Gadasu: A capturer of fairy tale romance. If you want to capture life’s biggest moments than he is known for being the Best Photographer in Hyderabad. Making every picture with perfection is what he admires the most. If you are preparing for wedding and he is there for you, than your stress just go away book him today for perfect pictures.

Photographer in HYDERABAD

  • Chaitanya Reddy: The one who is always ready to capture memories in the best way possible. He’s working in this industry for more than 9 years and is known for being the perfect one. Book him to have perfect moments and enjoy life’s moment that are there for you forever. Make events count with the most memorable moments. Hence, this photographer is just for your wedding.

Best Wedding photographer in KOLKATA:

  • Birdlens Creation: One of the best wedding photographers that makes every event beautiful. If you are looking for a perfect wedding photographer that Birdlens Creations is one for you. Make your event glorious with them. They are on our number one list in Kolkata, he is known for being the perfect photographer in town. So, book this one now and get captivated.

Photographer in KOLKATA

  • Milan Magic: Milan Magic is one of the most well-known and talented wedding photographers in Kolkata. Milan Photography in Kolkata always focuses on providing touching wedding photos and videos which captures the true exposers of the couples, the place, and the events.

Best Wedding photographer in PUNE:

  • Weddings By Highroad: From pre-wedding shoots to candid videography, Weddings By Highroad is a team of creative photographers based out of My World in Baner-Balewadi Road. He is the Best Candid Photographer in Pune. If you are looking for something extraordinary than he is the best for you. Make bookings now and enjoy perfect images for life.

Photographer in PUNE

  • Weddings By Aabha: Aabha Chaubal is the queen of capturing Indian weddings across the world. Her shooting style is candid and we simply love her candid wedding films which actually capture affable moments shared amongst the friends and families of the bride and groom. Book her for being the Best Wedding Photographer. Make events beautiful.

Make weddings memorised with these Top Wedding Photographers in India. They know how to make everything with perfection. If you are stepping into wedding then this is the right time for you. Make events count with that perfect photos. If you are wanting to be the best on your wedding day this is the time for you find the photographer who captures all your dream moments.

Peppynite is aiming to give all that you are wishing for even if it comes to selecting one of the Best Indian Photographers that makes every event beautiful. So, without any doubt go for some fabulous ones. These are the photographers that makes everything beautiful, so make sure that every event is perfect with every picture.  We have been working for years to make their clients the happiest. It becomes necessary for you to be at our top priority. Go with the flow this season and get the best wedding photography to have memories for forever life.

Enjoy your precious moment with love and light in every picture perfect image. 


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