10+ ‘Save the Date’ ideas for every wedding type!

Everyone dreams of hosting a big-fat-Indian-wedding and making the D-Day of their lives a grand and opulent one. And these days couples are being more innovative and finding new ways to make their wedding a day to remember for a lifetime and beyond. Be it personalizing your wedding, hosting a theme party, choosing the offbeat locations to get married, everyone wants their wedding to be the ‘talk of the town’!

Yet another way to be different and stand apart from the crowd is to how to announce your wedding date to your guests. And it can be done through photo-shoots, sweet-little gestures by sending them gifts, customized tags related to your wedding theme and much more. Scroll below and save your favorite ideas of ‘Save The Date’ for your wedding.

Say It With Your Pet

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A Photo Card

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How Romantic!!!
Image Source: Loverly
Are you an old-school? If yes, then this idea is for you.
Image Source: Rohan Mishra Photography

For Your Destination Wedding

If you are hosting a destination wedding, everything should go along with the theme and so does the announcement!

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Go Filmy

This real couple got a photo shoot done according to the filmy-style to announce the date of their big-day!

Image Source: Green Hat Productions

All The Way From Hogwarts

Who doesn’t love Harry Porter? And if you or your partner is a die-hard fan of Potter then you for sure cannot miss this amazing idea!

Image Source: A Practical Wedding

A Fridge Magnet

A better way to remind people of your wedding date and keep the memories alive even after the big day is to gift them a small fridge-magnet!

Image Source: Pinterest

The Hunt Is Over

Since you and your partner found each other so technically the hunt is over and the journey begins!

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Say It With The Shoes!

Looking for something offbeat? Here it is!

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With The Fall Leaves

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If You Wanna Keep It Minimalistic 

If you want to keep everything simple and avoid the sho-sha, then you can announce your wedding date according to that as well!

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A balloon lover? Give your guests something quirky and different to remind them about your big day.
Image Source: White Knot

A small Note Book

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Love Is In The Air

Image Source: Rohan Mishra Photography

Save It From Falling!

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