7 Trending Ideas To Make Your Sangeet Ceremony A Rocking Affair!

A wedding without ‘naach-gana’ is like deserts without sugar and it won’t make any sense, right? And besides lots of dancing, there’s so much more you can add to your musical night. What’s new and trending about the ceremony is that the families of both the bride and the groom host it together which results in more fun. And to make your pre-wedding ceremonies more interesting and unforgettable for everyone, we bring for you some amazing ideas! Scroll below to steal those! 


A Couple Dance

It is something very basic but very mandatory too. You and your partner should never miss a chance to include yourselves in the wedding ceremonies. Make your groom dance on your tunes and that too before the wedding! ?

Image Source: Wedding Nama


Along With The Bridesmaids And Groomsmen 

If you want to make your squad feel special and make them stand apart from the crowd, shake your feet along with them too! Present a fun filled performance which not only will entertain your guests but brings you closer to your people.

Image Source: The Wedding Salad
Image Source: The Wedding Salad

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A Themed Sangeet

DJ is fun but then at times you don’t always want them! Your sangeet ceremony can get more interesting if you have a planned layout and do everything according to a set theme. You can choose a Moroccan theme or a Carnival theme or you can go complete desi with Rajasthani dolls, marigolds or painted steel boxes.

A Moroccan Themed setup for Sangeet!
Image Source: Pinterest
Or you can also choose the carnival theme for your ceremony.
Image Source: Dusk Photography
Go Desi!
Image Source: The A Cube Project


Games To Spice Up Things!

Because it’s your sangeet function, include doing things that revolve around you. The bridesmaids or the groomsmen can ask the couple some funny, romantic and cute questions. And when it’s time to answer them, the couple should not look at each other!

Image Source: Forever Bridal

Another fun game that can be played among the guests is the ‘Ring Toss’.

Re-live your childhood memories!
Image Source: KY Designs and Decor
Who’s most likely to?!
Image Source: Inked Weddings


A Hot Battle

When it’s both the bride’s side and the groom’s side celebrating together, toh ek competition toh bnta hai, right? And what will begin as a tough battle will for sure end up as a huge celebration of love, laughter and joy.

Image Source: Instagram


A Mega Award Night

You can change your musical night to an award function and make it more fun. Include the titles like ‘Mai apni favourite hoon’ or ‘the dancing queen/king’, or ‘the coolest grandma/paa’. It’s amazing how the wedding ceremonies can bring your family together and cherish the bond with love and laughter!

Image Source: Shutter Down Photography


Let Your Elders Give A Kick Start To The Show!

Imagine your grandma dancing on the tunes of ‘London Thumak Da’. It would be such a cute moment to witness, won’t it be? Make your grandparents feel extra special on your special day and amaze your guests by giving them some major sangeet goals!

Image Source: Wedding Nama


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