Budget Friendly Destination Wedding in India

Destination Wedding

The wedding season is just round the corner. Eager brides and grooms are leaving no stone unturned to make this milestone event of their lives a memorable one too. The best events are the ones that are planned well –  in advance. If you want to have a wedding that people only dream of, now is the time to start working towards it. You can either choose to be busy or happy. Experience and public opinion prove that a stressed-out bride or groom is not a happy bride or groom. The most important thing to a beautiful and well-planned wedding or destination wedding is to get the Best Wedding Planners.

Chaos in the planning stages of a wedding is inevitable, but the stress and tension are optional! You can always choose to hire a wedding planner who will take care of all the details and run around for you. Planning a wedding and executing it well involves precise attention to detail. This means a whole army of people. It is not a job for one person. That’s why a professional wedding planner is a necessity. These professionals are experts at their work. They can plan out every small detail keeping in mind your budget, requirements, and tastes.

Weddings are a lifetime bond that never ends – a once-in-a-lifetime event. Different people have different dreams and ideas on how they want to make this event memorable. Ideas may be different, but the goal is one – to have an amazing wedding. Some people want their wedding to be minimalistic and simple, some wish for royal weddings, and some want to go to a beautiful destination.

Destination weddings are quite popular these days. It is a myth that destination weddings are not for everyone as they are expensive and out of reach for the common man.  Yes, planning a destination wedding is not easy. It requires money, time, and manpower to make your event truly great. At Peppynite, we are committed to making your dreams come true. Read on to keep some tips in mind in case you want to tie the knot at a dreamy destination….

Planning Destination Wedding? But don’t know what to do before that? Here’s a list that can help you plan your ideal destination wedding.

  • If you are planning your wedding,  find yourself a professional wedding planner in India or a special destination wedding planner.
  • Plan the wedding according to the season or weather because that’s the most necessary part when it comes to destination weddings.
  • Keep in mind the time factor. Get in touch with a wedding planner at least two months in advance. This will help you save a lot of money.
  • Before finalizing the destination and bookings, do visit the place where you are planning to get married.

We have suggested a few venues and destinations for your wedding that will not burn a hole in your pocket. After all, who does not want the best experience at a fraction of the cost. A good wedding planner can ensure that your wedding and its ceremonies can be smooth, without any unnecessary drama and confusion. Once you have zeroed in on your destination, depending on your spending capacity, you can even go for Luxury wedding planners in India. Finding the right planner is the most important way to make your event perfect.

Here is a list of top 5 wedding destinations for D-day, with budget friendly offers in India.

This list of destinations will help if you have a destination wedding in mind. We have pinned these top 5 wedding destination that can help you create your ideal wedding.

Royal Orchid Fort Resort, Mussoorie:

Royal Orchid Fort Resort, Mussoorie: Destination Wedding

Mussoorie is the perfect place for hosting an ideal destination wedding. Beautiful environment, happiness and calm, the peaceful vibes of this hill destination make it perfect for a romantic wedding. If you love nature, and enjoy silence and calm, this is perfect. A wedding here would cost you only around 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Pride Sun Village, Goa:

Pride Sun Village, Goa

The fame of Goa is spread all over the world. Its beauty makes it the perfect destination for weddings in India. Planning a destination wedding in Goa can be super joyful and fun. The chilled beach vibes add a touch of fun. If you are thinking of tying the knot in Goa,  plan a wedding at a resort or near a beach. Awesome visuals for your wedding album are guaranteed. The beautiful beachy weddings not only makes your wedding a beautiful memory for life, but also has several opportunities to have a lot of fun! Booking a resort or a beachy wedding with 150 guests will cost you approximately ₹12,00,000 to ₹13,00,000.

Indana Palace, Jodhpur:

Indana Palace, Jodhpur

With the most magnificent architecture and beauty all around in Jodhpur, weddings always look grand here. Jodhpur is considered to be one of the the best destination for weddings in India. Royal grandeur adds the element of class and style in every wedding in Jodhpur. If you are planning your wedding in Jodhpur, especially at Indana Palace, then your budget might be around ₹24,00,000 for a two-day wedding. So if you want that dreamy royal blissful wedding than this is the place for you. A royal palace with its lush architecture and perfect locations would make your wedding truly stand out.

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UVA Meridian Bay Resort & Spa:

UVA Meridian Bay Resort & Spa

This beautiful coastal resort is the perfect location for every event. That’s why weddings here are a most spectacular ones . UVA Meridian Bay Resort & Spa in Udupi is considered as one of the most beautiful (and also lesser known) places in India. If you are planning your dreamy wedding then this place is worth it for the coastal location and its serene beauty. Make sure you plan your wedding according to the weather because it sometimes rain heavenly and we would not want to spoil your wedding. You can expect an expense of ₹5,00,000 to ₹7,00,000 for a 200-guest  wedding.

Bhairavgarh Resort & Spa, Udaipur:

Bhairavgarh Resort & Spa, Udaipur

The desert state of Rajasthan is a popular choice when it comes to planning the best destination wedding in India. Bhairavgarh Resort & Spa, Udaipur is one of the most beautiful palaces and is believed to have the best banquets in India. So if you are in love with the idea of a maharani-inspired wedding or have planned it as royal from childhood, then this would be the perfect place for you.

An alluring destination that impresses you with it’s beauty and simple color palette. We have researched the costs involved and come to the conclusion that planning a two-day wedding would cost approximately  ₹13,00,000 to  ₹14,00,000 with at least 200 people. So, if you can afford it than this is the ideal choice for a regal destination wedding.

We have listed down for you a few budget-friendly top wedding destinations that would make your D-day really memorable. The indicated approximate costs that are easy on the pocket.

A Best Wedding Planner would make it easier for you to plan out your wedding. If you have read this blog, we are sure most of your stress around a convenient destination wedding has vanished. Now sit down with your family and to-be partner to fix a destination and then get a professional wedding planner to execute your dream destination wedding.

If you want to go through more such wedding related ideas, then we have many blogs that can help you with your wedding checklist.  Make sure that you enjoy your wedding. This can happen with preparations and research to help plan it well. And without any hassle we have blogs that will make it prefect. Go through www.peppynite.com for more such amazing blogs and content to help make your wedding memorable and worry free.




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