How To Handle Wedding Day Stress: 10 Tips You Must Know About

Although your wedding day may be the happiest of your life, but it will also be highly stressful. There are numerous things that can lead to Wedding Day Stress, including the comfort of your guests as well as the wedding’s arrangements. You need to make sure that your loved ones are having a nice time and that they feel respected and included. Additionally, having so many guests can feel mentally exhausting due to the social pressure that comes with it. And to top it all off, you’re getting married, which is a small but immense thing. Your life is about to change forever as you prepare to get married to your new spouse.

So yeah, it is completely understandable and acceptable that you are under a lot of stress today. The good news is that anxiety and stress on your wedding day is completely normal, and there are several simple things you can do to reduce it.

How To Handle Wedding Day Stress: Top 10 Tips You Should Know About

#1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep:

It’s simple to become irritated when all of your loved ones are present at one place. You might be tempted to go out and party the night before the wedding because of how many people are around you and how much fun there is to be had. However, doing that will leave you quite fatigued on your big day, and you know what exhaustion results in? Anxiety. Therefore, getting the necessary amount of sleep is the greatest method to prevent this kind of stress. This will allow you to fully enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Day Stress: Get a Good Night's Sleep

#2. Fuel Up!

It could seem quite easy. However, the reality is that because of all the preparations for their wedding, many couples skip their meals. The final outcome? Well, two really angry individuals who are the center of attention and are undoubtedly exhausted. On the day of your wedding, you’ll need to stay energized, so eat a hearty breakfast. Don’t miss this crucial lunch. For you to survive this physically and emotionally draining day, you’ll need the food and nutrients.

Wedding Day Stress: Fuel Up

#3. Get In Some Form Of Workout:

Stress and anxiety can be reduced by exercise. Now, we’re not recommending that you go to the gym and exercise for an hour, but even a short walk or some light yoga can be beneficial. Go on if you find that working out or going for a run makes you feel better. Exercise will make you feel peaceful and focused in the morning, which will make it easier for you to deal with whatever happens later in the day. To relieve some of the tension that has built up, try a 10-minute cardio dance or run workout. However, be careful not to overwork yourself by exercising.

Wedding Day Stress: Get In Some Form Of Workout

#4. Delegate The Questions & Responsibilities:

Every wedding includes a large number of vendors, and on the big day, each vendor has their own set of concerns and challenges. They will need instructions on everything, including where to set up and when to serve the food. Now, one of the simplest ways to do this would be to engage a professional to handle these chores, whether it’s a full-service wedding planner or a wedding day coordinator. A planner or organiser will make every effort to bear the majority of pressure and difficulties. It’s best to assign responsibilities to family members and friends even if you don’t have a coordinator for this day (which we highly recommend). You won’t have to worry about rushing around everywhere alone if you choose somebody you can trust to handle these jobs.

Wedding Day Stress: Delegate The Questions & Responsibilities

#5. Take Deep Breaths:

Taking deep breaths is not a silly exercise.  When you take a deep breath, more oxygen reaches your brain, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and makes you feel more relaxed. This implies that instead of feeling strained, anxious, or worried, your brain begins to feel calm. Putting away the lingo, the stress on your wedding day may be unbearable. Having a meditation app on your phone is another thing that can be beneficial.

In the society we live in, breathing and meditation apps are widely available. Months before your wedding, choose one you like, and start a habit of listening to them and preparing for your big day. Practice inhaling deeply, remaining calm, paying attention to your instincts, and focusing your energy. Therefore, take a few seconds to breathe deeply, and you’ll notice that you feel better right away.

Wedding Day Stress: Take Deep Breaths

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#6. Focus on Your Partner:

On the day of your wedding, there will undoubtedly be some unexpected events. The number of flowers might not be exactly what you expected, or perhaps a family member will make a little unwanted trouble. And it may all be very stressful. Concentrating on your love for your spouse is the best strategy to reduce your tension on your wedding day. It may sound a bit strange or “booksy,” but the truth is that today is your wedding day. Not only to have a big celebration, but because you are getting married, you are having a wedding. Keep your relationship with them in mind while you look them in the eye.

Focus on Your Partner

#7. Make Time for Self Care:

Make Time for Self Care

#8. Jot Down Your Feelings:

Writing in a journal is a tested way to express your suppressed feelings. It enables you to pinpoint the source of your anger and perhaps even approach it more calmly and collectedly. You’ll be able to think more clearly and prevent your stress from turning into anxiousness over the entire wedding story by writing down your sentiments. Use the notepad app on your phone to record how you’re feeling or what’s upsetting you if you’re not much of a pen and paper type. This greatly reduces the tension of the wedding day.

Jot Down Your Feelings

#9. Pop Some Bubbly:

A glass (or two) of Champagne is the perfect way to start the celebration! A wonderful way to relax and spend time with your bridesmaids is to crack open a bottle of champagne. Make a mimosa bar and have fun. Don’t forget to raise a glass in honour of love, friendship, and your upcoming chapter in life. The truth is that as long as you know when to stop and how to control your alcohol, a little pre-gaming is never harmful.

Pop Some Bubbly

#10. Unplug For At Least 30 Minutes:

You’re certainly not alone if you catch yourself spending more time than you’d want to admit looking through your social media profiles. However, doing so might lead to an atmosphere that is tainted by unnecessary pressure and unreasonable expectations on your wedding day. Additionally, you’re only increasing the stress that is already a part of your existence. Therefore, taking some time to unplug from the never-ending stream of Pinterest boards and Instagram posts will enable you to engage with the people in front of you. Or, if you like your alone time, go somewhere quiet for 30 minutes to get your thoughts straight.

Unplug For At Least 30 Minutes

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The day of your wedding is ultimately filled with a thousand thoughts. But we’re here to tell you that all of this tension will make you exhausted and prevent you from enjoying yourself on the day of your wedding. Adopt these stress-reducing behaviours so that you can remain calm and comfortable before your big day and use them even on D-Day.

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