Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers in India With Price

Have you chosen a lovely destination for your blissful wedding ceremony? Finding one of the top Destination Wedding Photographers in India to capture all the essence should then be the next thing crossed off your to-do list. Since you spent a lot of time and money making your wedding a lavish ceremony, it should go without saying that it should be well captured.

A skilled destination wedding photographer can capture every moment, from the stunning bridal images to the most intricate details, including the exotic surroundings of your venue. Furthermore, by their expert filming and imaginative events, he or she can even assist you in reliving the most treasured moments of your life. Spending money on location photography is therefore necessary, and with us, it’s seamless

What is Destination Wedding Photography?

However, before we dive into that list of Destination Wedding Photographers in India, let’s first clarify what destination wedding photography is. As the name implies, destination wedding photography is a kind of photography that takes place in a location other than the photographer’s primary location. Given that the same guests, bride and groom, shots, and atmosphere are present as at the neighbourhood wedding, it is pretty comparable to that event. The venue where the wedding is held is the only thing that varies.

And that has its own benefits and drawbacks. While travelling, carrying all the gear & equipment safely while on the road, or shooting in a location they are unfamiliar with can be quite challenging & exhausting for the photographer, it is also the ideal break from their typical routine of photographing locally. Not only do they get to learn new things, but they also get to expand their portfolio and improve their business.

Here’s a list of Best Rated Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers in India

#1. 1plus1studio:

Manvi Gandotra, a female photographer based in Bengaluru, founded 1plus1studio. She has mastered her profession of conveying stories over the years and has the knack of perfectly capturing someone’s special day.

Because, after all, “home is where the heart is,” she and her team have documented a wide range of weddings, from destination weddings held in the Jim Corbett forests or on the deserts of Rajasthan to backyard weddings in Cochin. Are you impressed? Book Manvi and her crew right away to experience the charm they bring to your precious memories.

Price per day: Approx. INR 2,00,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Destination Wedding Photographers in India: 1plus1studio

#2. Abhishek Marathe Photography & Cinematography:

Planning for a destination wedding in Goa?  Then why not book a  local photographer ? The most promising destination wedding photographer and videographer based in Goa is Abhishek Marathe Photography & Cinematography.

He and his crew are skilled at capturing the beauty of a moment and have extensive skills recording various weddings. They are skilled with a variety of photography-related tools and have an excellent eye for creativity. Save them for your special day, and make sure every lovely moment is perfectly captured on camera.

Price per day: Approx. INR 38,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Destination Wedding Photographers in India: Abhishek Marathe Photography & Cinematography

#3. Aniket Mazumdar Photography:

What best describes the work of Aniket Mazumdar Photography is a beautiful mix of natural, precious moments with a lot of style and vibe. It screams excellence in every way. He has a knack for crafting stories, and his team blends every detail from their couples’ wedding day in a unique way.

In his own words, the founder of the company explains his passion for weddings and photography: “As a candid photographer, I really think there is life in every moment. You just need to see it and share it!:)” I can tell you that I have witnessed life and happiness in the fleeting smiles of newlyweds, the sincere giggles of innocent toddlers, the sunlight shining through a bride’s lovely smile, and in that once in a lifetime moment of saying “I DO.”

I’ve come to realise how much I adore creating moments that make a story to tell because I live in a wedding house with all the drama and the small-little-massive beautiful things that we sometimes overlook. We don’t know what will impress you if this doesn’t!

Price per day: Approx. INR 1,10,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Destination Wedding Photographers in India: Aniket Mazumdar Photography

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#4. Feather Tree by Aviraj Saluja:

A team of creative and professional photographers with more than 8 years of experience in wedding photography and filmmaking makes up Feather Tree by Aviraj Saluja. The finest thing about Aviraj is how well he can capture moments in a way that even words can’t express.

Aviraj Saluja is a real expert at what he does, from having even the most reserved brides pose like professionals to being spontaneous with his camera work to capture every lovely moment & vibe. Words like elegant, artistic, and spiritual best describe his photographic style.

Price per day: Approx. INR 2,10,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Destination Wedding Photographers in India: Feather Tree by Aviraj Saluja

#5. Beginnings for You:

Are you an obsessive detailed person? Then there is the artistic group of photographers known as “Beginnings for You,” whose work is guaranteed to appeal to your sense of style. Beginnings for You, which Simran founded in 2012, is today regarded as one of the most innovative destination wedding photographers in the industry.

You may see their entire portfolio and how they photograph Indian weddings in all of their authenticity. Each of their compositions is worth falling hard for, whether it be their mesmerising jewellery pictures, breathtaking bridal portraits, or the flawlessly framed stolen glances. Do not accept? Go to their page and make your reservation right away!

Price per day: Approx. INR 1,15,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

#6. Bhumi & Simran Photography:

Founders of Bhumi & Simran Photography are a duo that are incredibly enthused and passionate about what they do. They stand out among their competitors thanks to their incredible photographic aesthetic and method of operation.

Each wedding they cover garners their complete heart and soul. They take every step possible to make their work stand out from competitors, whether it means having in-depth conversations with their clients about their goals and ideas or just turning their precious moments into photographs that are timeless and one-of-a-kind.

Which is why, for a day as big as your wedding day, Bhumi & Simran Photography is a sure shot winner.. They will assist you in turning your “important life moment” into something incredibly surreal. Visit their website to see their work

Price per day: Approx. INR 1,80,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Destination Wedding Photographers in India: Bhumi & Simran Photography

#7. Cam Catches:

A group of passionate photographers created the photographic label Cam captures, which is led by Saurabh Dalvi. These experts are based in Goa and have a very laid-back, artistic, and creative photographic approach. They make sure every shot is composed with the appropriate degree of reality in it because reality is their primary aesthetic.

Additionally, they catch instances that are filled with strong emotions, such as laughter or tears. Therefore, let Cam Catches be your saviour on your special day if you’re seeking for something less staged and more natural-looking. They will preserve the memories of your remarkable moments.

Price per day: Approx. INR 1,25,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Cam Catches

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#8. CineLove Productions by Luxmi Studio:

CineLove Productions, the wedding subsidiary of Luxmi Digital Studio, is a multi-award-winning group of photographers and filmmakers . They are among the best destination wedding photographers in India headquartered in Delhi who turn your wedding story into priceless memories by combining voguish story-telling approaches.

You can glimpse into and become enthralled by your very own love fantasy while reading about their incredibly beautiful weddings. No longer able to wait? Book them now!

Price per day: Approx. INR 2,00,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

CineLove Productions by Luxmi Studio

#9. Cinnamon Pictures:

One of the most outstanding international wedding photographers is Cinnamon Pictures, which is founded by Vaijayanti Varma & Saulat Zuber. It is a group of creative photographers who tackle wedding photography in a unique yet moving photojournalistic style.

They are dedicated to giving their clients an extraordinary work of art in the shape of their wedding images and have an excellent eye for detail. Book them right now to have all of your precious memories and amazing photos captured in a unique way.

Price per day: Approx. INR 1,60,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Cinnamon Pictures

#10. Confetti Films:

Confetti Films presents their brides and grooms with the ideal mementos of their wedding by fusing all the wedding traditions, elaborate décor, hearty chuckles, and soul-stirring moments into memories one may remember for a lifetime.

They specialise in finding the most original ways to capture each and every feeling that the brides, grooms, and their families go through throughout weddings. And if there’s anything that distinguishes them, it’s the vintage feel that each of their images exudes. They truly have unmatched eyesight and photography skills.

Price per day: Approx. INR 1,40,000 of Candid Photography, Cinematic Video

Confetti Films


Finding Top Wedding Photographers in India who not only matches your requirements but also delivers on all of your expectations can be difficult. There are many talented and effective specialists in this field. Therefore, to make it a little easier for you to choose the ideal one from among the zillion professionals, we’ve put together a curated list of the top 10 destination wedding photographers in India who occasionally astound us with their work. Discover their costs, photographic approach, and all the other important info below.

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