Top 10 Famous Party Mehndi Artists in India

Party Mehndi Artist in India

Without mehndi, a wedding isn’t complete. The mehndi party is one of the most enjoyable and significant aspects of getting married, as every bride is aware. Mehendi is an essential component of any celebration in India because it is a country rich in culture and traditions. Mehndi is used during many celebrations, including weddings. We place such a high value on mehendi that a complete event during wedding festivities is devoted solely to it. The color of your mehndi after your wedding is thought to play a role in determining the love, health, beauty, luck, and prosperity that will define your marriage. This article will provide a list of some of the top Party Mehndi Artists in India who arrive with a complete team, allowing every female guest to participate in your celebrations wholeheartedly.

Here we have mentioned the Top 10 Famous Party Mehndi Artists in India


The bride demands precision in all areas, and only a professional should design her mehndi. Karishma Kapoor and Dia Mirza are just a couple of the famous people whose hands have had elaborate henna designs painted by expert Raju Mehndi Wala.

His team is similarly competent, and they have shown outstanding skill while applying Mehndi in tribal patterns, Arabic style, and current theme style. Furthermore, they are also skilled.


  • Tribal Motifs
  • Lotus Motif
  • Mehndi
  • Bridal Mehndi
  • Arabic Mehndi
  • Fusion Mehndi and
  • Pakistani Mehndi

Party Mehndi Artist in India

Information: Phone: 098187 67881

Priced at Rs. 7,100


For your wedding, you can trust Kundan Mehndi Artist if you’re looking for the most reputable and skilled Best Mehndi Artist. He is a skilled artist with more than 25 years of experience in Delhi and the National Capital Region’s distinctive Mehndi art. He utilizes an exceptional, high-quality henna paste that is suitable for all skin types and adds a rich color.

Additionally, they create the most exquisite and unique fusion designs, which will look stunning on your hands. They are adept at


  • Traditional Mehndi
  • Arabic Mehndi
  • Glitter Mehndi
  • Modern Mehndi
  • Zardosi Mehndi and
  • Pakistani Mehndi

Kundan mehndi artist

They charge Rs. 11,000 for Bridal Mehndi

Information: Phone: 098109 10844

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One of Delhi’s most skilled Mehndi artists is Mehndi Artist Kishor. Kishor creates the most precise designs by using chemical-free, skin-friendly components in the henna paste.

In order to make your Mehndi unique, he ensures that he meets the requests and requirements of the client. He specialises in bridal mehndi and charges Rs. 5,100 for it.


  • Rajasthani,
  • Arabian and
  • Bridal designs

Party Mehndi Artist in India

Information: Phone: 096508 41719


Bittu is the creator of Bittu Mehndi Art. They provide the most expert and imaginative mehndi design services. Since 2009, his team has covered hundreds of weddings. They meticulously apply henna designs to your skin so that they are evenly spaced and appear immaculate. You can’t help but fall in love with the artwork because their designs are so exquisite and artistic. Their work clearly reflects their experience.

For the entire bridal mehndi, they demand Rs. 5,100, while guests are charged Rs. 100 per hand.

Bittu mehndia artist

Information: Phone: 095994 51531


Since he was a young boy, Harin has enjoyed applying Mehndi as a hobby, which he has turned into a career. He is a Mehndi master. Visit his location if you’re looking for the best mehndi artisan. He offers very inexpensive packages. With more than 22 years of experience, he has been able to use his imagination freely, producing amazing Mehndi creations. He is a pioneer of Bridal Mehndi Artist and his exquisite masterpieces enchant brides.


  • Drawing Gods
  • Goddesses and
  • Bride and Groom portraits with henna

Party Mehndi Artist in India

Information: Phone: 098259 72824

His impressive Bridal Mehndi designs start at Rs. 25,000.


If you’re seeking for theme-based henna designs with enduring appeal, Alankritaa might be your go-to mehndi artist. The artists of Alankritaa create everything from elegance to ethnic designs. They can also incorporate any motif or design you like and incorporate it into the current design. Even current sketches of the bride and groom are available upon request.

Their areas of specialization include exact design aesthetics combined with creative experience and innovative innovation.


Information: Phone: 0 78372 24838

Rs. 15,000 is the beginning price for bridal mehndi.

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Another exceptional Party Mehndi Artists in India is JP Mehndi Artist. He possesses a strong sense of imagination, which he used to create intricate designs with delicate lines, dark, rich colours, and specific customizations for the bride. He creates beautiful patterns on your hands using toothpicks, paintbrushes, knitting needles, and plastic craft bottles. Only natural Mehndi powder combined with other all-natural herbal components are used by him to provide a dark hue.He has mastered the traditional Indian, Arabic and Zardosi styles.

Party Mehndi Artist in India

Information: Phone: 099967 66100

Her bridal mehndi is priced at Rs. 5,100, and she has a lot to offer.


The clients of Shalini Gagneja think highly of her as a person and an artist. She’ll sway against your touch. Simply employ her for your wedding. Her adaptability and ingenuity, for which she is well-known, are the major factors. She complies with the brides’ requests and adapts the Mehndi designs in a way that doesn’t compromise the henna art’s overall aesthetic.

She applies

  • Glitter Mehndi
  • Arabic Mehndi
  • Bridal Mehndi
  • Indo-Arabic Mehndi and
  • Traditional Mehndi designs

shalini ganeja

Her bridal mehndi is priced at Rs. 5,100, and she has a lot to offer.

Information: Phone: 099967 66100


Shrinivasan Mehndi Art – Sonam Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Soha Ali Khan, Sri Devi, Saroj Khan, and Shehnaz Hussain are just a few of A. Shrinivasan’s well-known clients. With more than 20 years of experience, he can definitely improve the beauty of your hands.

He began applying mehndi at the extremely young age of 5, driven by a fascination with the art. His Mehndi bundles start at Rs. 11,000, and he also sells jewelry and other items like parrandas and bindis.

Party Mehndi Artist in India

Information: Phone: 098737 07479


Sandeep Mehndi artist offers packages for every budget and is known for his fine lines and intricate designs. The results are consistently stunning and vivid. More than 50 weddings have been covered by them since 2014, and they offer individualized Mehndi patterns that range from intricate and dense to simple Arabic themes.

They have gorgeous bridal designs available for as little as Rs. 3,100. They demand 100 rupees per hand from your family and friends.


Information: Phone: 079825 07365

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Wrap Up!

The Top Mehndi Artist in India for your celebration day are listed here. Peppynite provides wedding-related services. Your wedding will be fantastic thanks to these services. You will be the topic of conversation. Finding the Party Mehndi Artists in India is essential if you want to appear stunning while wearing mehndi at your wedding. To make your wedding appear exceptional, we have provided you with these greatest ideas and best artists. Select the most magnificent ones for your wedding and take advantage of the greatest services. Only at Peppynite can you find the ideal partner and the most wonderful wedding-related services. You are indispensable, without a question.


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