Top 10 unique Lehenga color trends of 2022


Ahan!! You are here! This mean you are getting married this year? Don’t worry, we will provide the best and trending lehengas colors for you. Peppynite is come with the best and trending   lehengas colors. If you want your outfit should be amazing and unique.Then select one of them from the given list.

Brides should dress in a way that leaves guests speechless.- True fact

Lehenga color trends

Although all colours complement a traditional bridal lehenga, the red, the best bridal lehenga, is the most popular of all time. But now there are many options.

However, times have changed, and traditional lehengas now come in a variety of colours.

While the majority of the world is embracing minimalistic attire options, Indian brides are going all out and experimenting with their bridal looks. With less money going to guests and large venues, more money is going to the bride’s gown. Brides are all about embracing unconventional choices and trends.

 Here is the list of Top 10 unique Lehenga Color Trends of 2022!

1. Printed Lehengas-Pre-wedding Functions

Every wedding begins with some sort of pre-wedding function. So you go down there and pick out an outfit for your wedding. You must first select pre-wedding lehengas. Mehendi, Haldi, and a variety of other pre-wedding functions are examples of pre-wedding functions.

Printed Lehengas


  • Because these lehengas do not have heavy embroidery, printed designs are extremely useful.
  • They come in vibrant prints and unusual colours that will liven up your pre-wedding look.
  • They also provide a lot of comfort, which brides appreciate.
  • You can also use them on other occasions.

2. Technicolor Lehengas-More Traditional

We are aware that we are growing, but we do not lose sight of our ancient origins. In the 1990s, technicolour trends were the best and most popular. The technicolour technique uses various shades of one colour to create the perfect metallic shimmer on the dress.

Lehenga color trends


  • There is nothing more obvious than a technicolor lehenga if you want a noticeable look.
  • These lehengas are made of metallic shimmer, frills, and a large pattern.
  • With this look, you will stand out from the crowd and dazzle.

3. Dramatic Trails

If you want to make a fairy and queen-like entrance at your wedding, try these dramatic trails as your wedding outfit. Imagine two ladies holding your lehengas and treating you like a princess. Incredible, na!! Why don’t you make it real? The combination of embroidery and chicken kari work will astound the guests.

Dramatic Trails


  • If you want a fairy and a queen to enter your wedding, try this dramatic tra. The lehenga trail has intricate designs accompanied by embroidery or chicken kari work.
  • When wearing these types of lehengas, the choli should be backless to create a more elegant look.
  • You can wear a gloomy dupatta with it.
  • A regal garment, the picturesque trails added to the lehenga choli, breathe new life into it.
  • Wearing this lehenga design is the most daring fashion statement you can make.
  • For your wedding attire Imagine two ladies holding your lehengas and treating you like a princess. Incredible, na!! Why don’t you make it real? The combination of embroidery and chicken kari work will astound the guests.

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4. White And Off White Lehengas-  Classic look

We all know that only red lehngas can be worn at an Indian Wedding. However, if you want your wedding to be exactly what you want and to look classic, try this one. As we all know, there is no competition for white. Off-white and white lehengas are expected to be popular in 2022.

Lehenga color trends


  • For the Aesthetic and elegant look, just go for white-coloured bridal lehenga that stands out the most due to its simple yet stand-out color.
  • When you will try this lehengas on your wedding then you can set a bookmark because nothing can set you apart from other brides, then a white-coloured lehenga choli.
  • A radical choice, the white-coloured lehenga choli is unconventional yet an elegant look to sport on your special day.

5. Anarkali Lehenga Choli

Everyone will be surprised by the timeless anarkali style. So, make sure you get this handy, as Anarkali’s never go of the hook. We are bringing you some of the top designs to make your self look fab in every way out. Be the bridesmaid of your dream with perfect Anarkali. Simply go for it.

Anarkali Lehenga Choli


  • The choli is a form-fitting garment with half or full sleeves that is as ornate as the lehenga it is worn with.
  • The dupatta that comes with it completes the look and, once again, is lavishly decorated and embroidered.
  • Twirling in this outfit gives you an ethereal feeling.
  • The anarkali lehenga choli is a showstopper, the epitome of royal Indian attire.

6. Unconventional Hues

We always see the bride dressed in red. However, if you want to impress your guests, try this lehnga. Trends for 2022 will make you look stunning at your wedding. Lehenga cholis in blue, turquoise, purple, orange, and other unusual colors are on the rise.

Lehenga color trends


  • This trend shift, in which brides want something unique and one-of-a-kind, excites artistic designers.
  • If you want colour combinations in lehengas, you can get them.
  • If you’re tired of the same old thing, then a bridal ghagra choli in an unusual colour scheme is just what you need.

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7. The Can Can Look-High standard

If you want to look gorgeous at your wedding then try can can look. Lehengas are known for their flair and fluff. But what can you do to accentuate this fluff even more? It is by stuffing can-can under the lehenga’s layer.

Look-High standard


  • If you like some fluffy then try this can can lehenga because they added the volumeto the lehenga by a simple net is perfect for the princess look.
  • It also allows the bride to move around easily, allowing them to be in the moment all they want.
  • These lehengas are available in georgette, chiffon, crepe, and other flowy materials.
  • The can-can stuffing gives the lehengas a stimulating effect and in addition to flaunting the embroidery.

8. Pastel with Floral-Classic

Pastel lehengas are ideal for the classic type. The pastel with floral design, like the white and off-white lehenga designs, is another back to basics type of design. Regardless of how simple it is, it has become the best trend.

Lehenga color trends


  • The lehenga choli is made in pastel colours that offer a somber yet elegant look.
  • The lehenga has flowers and floral patterns embroidered into it.
  • The choli matches the lehenga in the design and has a minimal amount of zari work.
  • The dupatta is usually a see-through net material dupatta with floral patterns on it.
  • The pastel and floral design is comfortable yet elegant, a perfect lehenga for rocking the wedding and post-wedding ceremonies.

9. Maximalist Ensembles- gorgeous look

The Indian tradition of lehenga choli was established by the Royals. It is no secret that lehenga choli is all about displaying the brides’ pride and regalness.

gorgeous look


  • The western world may prefer a minimalistic look, but nothing beats extravagant lehenga cholis with the highest quality handicrafts on them for Indian brides.
  • From gold inlaid zari work, precious stones, and a proper lavish finish, the maximalist ensemble is perfect for turning all eyes your way as soon as you enter the hall.
  • Whether worn by celebrities or the general public, the maximalist lehenga choli is a fan favourite everywhere it goes.

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10. Gold Lehnga- Royalty

Royalty means Gold! Because a gold lehenga is a timeless classic that is both beautiful and versatile. Make it it perfet with the dappers of gold and make it count. There is no going back with the perfect attire. And take inspiration with it, do not think twice. This is the chance for you.

Lehenga color trends


  • If you want something that will take till the reception, look no further than the golden lehenga choli.
  • The patterns are flawless, and the lehenga is a fashion statement in and of itself.
  • Nothing beats the timeless appeal of a golden lehenga choli. The golden lehenga choli is a versatile yet captivating lehenga choli.


Bridal wear is ideal for giving yourself the princess look on your special day. Lehnga is the first part that makes you look gorgeous. We have provided the trending lehengas as above. Just choose from them and make your wedding memorable. Dress up in these bridal wear designs and let your guests see the queen within you.



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