Wedding Attires For Groom-to-be That Will Keep Eyes On You

There’s no denying that a bride should and does get all the attention at a wedding. From the location of the wedding to arranging the décor of her choice to the makeup artist to the buffet. Everything has to be of her choice or you can get out! But what about the groom? Many would say, “Come on, he’s marrying the girl of his dreams. What else would he want?”

Well, yes, that’s true but it’s his wedding too. He does want to get at least 45% of the bride’s limelight if not 50% because anything more than that is suicide. So, if everything about the wedding is going according to the bride then the groom at least gets to choose what he’ll wear for the phere. 

And here we are… We are bringing you lucky grooms a selection of wedding attire for your death day, we mean your wedding day!

Here we go.

1. Dhoti Kurta

Dhoti kurta

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Dhoti Kurta is the thing of the Indian groom! There’s no argument against it. If you’re ever confused about what to go for, think no further and grab a dhoti kurta because you can never ever go wrong with it. Now, there are different styles you can go for. You can opt for a plain Kurta for that no-nonsense look or get a Sherwani styled elaborate Kurta. You and your groomsmen can have fun with colourful kurtas.

2. Kurta Pyjama

kurta pyjama

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We get it if dhoti is too tricky and elaborate for your style. You can always go for a pyjama instead of a dhoti and still look dapper as faq! A straight-cut pyjama oozes elegance but that’s our thought, you can go for a Churidaar too. A kurta pyjama creates a subtle yet effective dress attire. One can add more oomph to it with a Nehru-jacket or a turban.

3. Jacket-Trouser

Jacket trouser combo

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Time to bring in the first instance of western touch. You can opt for a jacket-trouser combo when you’re attending a function other than your phere. Look for a subtle coloured t-shirt to draw more focus on your jacket or you can go for a semi-casual shirt to create a perfect balance.

4. Sherwani


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Sherwani and Indian weddings go hand in hand. It is the go-to attire of any groom and you can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t. A Sherwani gives you that rich, regal and classy look that is hard to mimic with any other attire. With heavy fabrics and embellishments, it creates an unbeaten aura around the groom. When teamed with a turban, dupatta and beads and chains, that look is a show-stopper.

5.  Jodhpuri

jodhpuri suit

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A Jodhpuri suit is India’s reply to the foreign suits for men. Couple the Indian design, hand-embroidery with western touches and you get the perfect Jodhpuri suit for the Royal Indian wedding. these suits are lighter and more breathable than a Sherwani and will be apt for an outdoor day wedding. Choose a lighter set of hues to create a light yet vibrant feel or go for dark shade to make an entrance with panache.

6. An English Suit

English Suit

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Many Indian grooms are opting for formal English suits these days. They are elegant, comfortable and more or less hasslefree. There are too many options to go for: A tuxedo for formal dinner, 2-piece suits or you can get a 3-piece suit with waistcoat. You can have a single button or 2 buttons or 3 buttons on your jacket. You can choose between a single-breast or double-breasted pin-striped suit. The options and styles are limitless.

7. Denim


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We’ll admit you cannot wear Denim on your wedding function. But you can obviously go for the casual style when you’re having a pre-wedding photo shoot with your partner. You can also pair your jeans with a crisp shirt for your Sangeet, Haldi or Mehndi functions. Wear a sleeveless jacket over the shirt and voila!

8. Bandhgala


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Bandhgala is very closely related to Sherwani and Jodhpuri. They sort of falls in the middle of both the attires. Some even say that Bandhgala another name for Jodhpuri Jacket since it has a closed neck. Whatever it is, there is no ignoring the fact that Bandhgala is elegant and proper classy. Wear it for your wedding function or pre-wedding or reception. There are tons of options from the colour palette.

Whatever you choose from, you’ll be slaying the groom look for sure. But do check the fitting and size when going for readymade suits.

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