Best Places to Shop for Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Jaipur!! -” Pink City of India”

Jaipur is known as India’s “pink city.” However, Jaipur is also well-known for its rich history, royalty, and heritage.

However, did you know that Jaipur is also a popular shopping destination?

Yes!! There are undoubtedly some outstanding shopping destinations in Jaipur that will enhance your overall shopping experience.

Look no further if you’re going shopping! Simply go there!!

 The items’ unique beauty and traditional touch will have you smitten in no time. You don’t have to be concerned about where to go shopping in Jaipur. Our Jaipur shopping guide will answer all of your questions and lead you to the best shopping spots in Jaipur.

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

“Jaipur shopping provides a diverse range of unique options ranging from gemstones to artwork, handicrafts to costumes, making it an enriching experience for shopaholics.”

Special Tip for brides:- If you’re getting married, you’re probably aware of the Best Bridal Makeup Artist, but what about your attire?

If you want to wear branded clothing but can’t afford it, go to Jaipur bazaar where you can find affordable classic lehengas at low prices and of high quality.

So, for you, Peppynite has compiled a list of the Wedding Accessories in Jaipur  to shop for your wedding day.

Here are the Best Places to Shop for Wedding Accessories in Jaipur !!

1. Johari Bazaar special for Jewelry

If you’ve already chosen your best makeup artist and dresses for the bride, it’s time to think about bride jewelry. Not only for brides, girls, and other women, this is the best jewelry store where you can buy jewelry at a low cost and at an affordable rate, but quality is only one number.

  • Johari Bazaar is a jewelry lover’s paradise among Jaipur shopping destinations.
  • Jaipur is home to India’s largest and most spectacular collection of all types of jewelry.

People who love both jewelry and clothes flock to Jaipur, which is famous for both. Why is it famous, as the name suggests? Jauri bazar for johri-jewelry.

  • In Jaipur, there are numerous famous markets that sell precious stones, gems, semi-precious stones, and jewelry with a limited warranty.
  • And Johari Bazaar is one of the oldest Jaipur shopping areas where you can get all of these things.

Special for:- precious gemstones and handmade necklaces

  • Location – Johari Bazar Rd, 302021

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2. The Gem Palace Special For Antique Charms

  • Here you will get the beautiful Original gem at an affordable price. If you like antique charms and jewelry, The Gem Palace is the place to go.
  • Their jewelry is an epitome of a vast cultural heritage, and is known for its traditional and intricate designs.

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Special for:  Charming jewelry and beautiful charms.

  • Location: Shop No. 348, MI Road, Jayanti Market, New Colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

3. Tripolia Bazar special For Bangles

  • If you are fan of lac jewelry bangles, Tripolia Bazar is one of the best places to shop in Jaipur. This Bazaar is well-known in Jaipur for its exclusive lac jewelry and incredible collection of bangles.
  • Tripolia Bazar is well-known for its lac jewelry and beautiful bangles.
  • It is one of the best places in Jaipur to shop for bangles and other similar items.

Special for: This Jaipur shopping destination specializes in lac jewelry

  • Location – Kanwar Nagar in Jaipur

4. Kishanpole Bazar Special For Textiles

  • If you are searching for textile and enjoying the street shopping, you must pay a visit to the Kishanpole Bazar.
  • This is one of the best Jaipur shopping districts.
  • It is the home of exclusive traditional artifacts at affordable prices, ranging from wood carvings to souvenirs and Rajasthani dyed fabrics.
  • Kishanpole is best known for its textiles, which can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Special for: wooden sculptures and souvenirs at this Jaipur shopping place

  • Location – Kishanpole Bazar Road

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5. Bapu Bazaar Special For All Jaipuri Items

Are you a shoe lover? And looking for the best quality shoes at an affordable price then go to Bapu Bazaar ! This is one of the wholesale markets for the shoes.

  • This Bazaar is well-known for its leather products and Mojari shoes made of camel leather.
  • But here you can also get the exclusive handicrafts, fragrance, attar, lehengas, colorful sarees, and unique sandstone artifacts.
  • Bapu Bazaar is the best market in Jaipur to visit for shopping because it is a one-stop destination for all Jaipuri items and you can almost buy anything for a reasonable price.

Special for: Here you will find high-quality shoes and Jaipur textiles.

  • Location – Jaipur 302007


6. Gaurav Tower Special For Local Products

  • This is one of the best place to shop Wedding Accessories in Jaipur, One of Jaipur’s oldest shopping malls, featuring the best brands and showrooms from Rajasthan.
  • This is Jaipur’s oldest mall, and there is plenty of parking, so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot.
  • GT Bazar, which recently opened in the basement, sells a wide range of clothing and other locally produced goods at reasonable prices.

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Special for: Best local products

  • Location – Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

7. Tibbati Bazaar for Local Market

  • Here you will get the most affordable price rate items. These items are best in quality.
  • Tibbati Bazaar is one of the Wedding Accessories in Jaipur on a budget.
  • In the alleys of Tibet Bazaar, discover the world of handicrafts, Rajasthani fashion, and locally made souvenirs.
  • You can also come here to enjoy the Tibetan food and crafts.

Special for: Best local products


  • Location – Kanwar Nagar

8. Nehru Bazaar Special for garments and textiles

Looking for the best and affordable garments and textiles, Nehru Bazaar is  famous for these items.

  • In the Nehru Bazaar you will also get the traditional and intricately designed jootis, which draw tourists to this shopping destination.
  • Nehru Bazaar’s distinctive features include low prices, bargain shopping, and street shopping.

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Special for: Garments and textiles

  • Location – Film Colony in Jaipur, 302007

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9. Sireh Deori Gate Special for Street Shopping

This is a popular shopping destination in Jaipur. The Sireh Deori Gate market, located right next to Jaipur’s famous Hawa Mahal, is known for its exclusive and intricately designed quilts, blankets, shoes, and delicious Rajasthani snacks.

  • Sireh Deori Bazaar is ideal for window shopping and street shopping in Jaipur.
  • Here you can find the Leather shoes, puppets, knickknacks, and some unique hangings, all made in Jaipur, can be purchased here.

Special for: best Camel Leather products

  • Location – Opposite to Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, 302002


10. Aravali Bazaar Special For Home Decor Items

If you are going to organize the function at home and looking for the home decor items. Then  visit this place. You can say this location can be a haven for those looking for home-improvement solutions. Jaipur bedspreads and quilts are well-known throughout the world, and you can find them at reasonable prices in Aravalli Bazaar.

  • Aravalli Bazaar is the home of exclusive Jaipur artifacts ranging from handloom to home decor to ethnic carved furniture and woodwork.
  • The market is known for selling high-quality quilts, bed sheets, stationery, and even clothing. Each item sold here is reasonably priced.

Wedding Accessories in Jaipur

Special for: Spend some money on home decorations.

  • Location – Vinayak Apartment, Prithviraj Road, Jaipur

These are the best shopping areas in Jaipur. You can find items at very low prices here. If you are getting married and going to a function, go to these markets and shop for what you want at a very reasonable price. These establishments are very affordable. If you want a list of other famous cities, please leave a comment. Peppynite will provide a new list and make it easier for you to locate the famous shop.

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